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ASSAULTED: Civil Rights Under Fire.
Alabama Gun Rights, in conjunction with Emmy Award Winning Director Kris Koenig and Carmike Cinemas in Daphne, Alabama will be hosting the Alabama Premiere of a pro-gun documentary titled ASSAULTED: Civil Rights Under Fire.

The Event will be held at the Carmike Cinema in Daphne, Alabama on Sept 21,2013 at 5:00PM Tickets must be reserved online here:

This film has been screened by Alabama Gun Rights, and is 100% pro-gun. Tickets are 12.00$, and a portion of the proceeds will go to Alabama Gun Rights!

Please continue to check our forum and Facebook page for the most up-to-date info.

ASSAULTED: Civil Rights Under Fire.

New gun laws in Alabama will be going into effect on August 1st 2013. Some of the information and documents on our site may still contain the old code or information.

We are waiting on the new codification to be relased so we can update everything. Also, the new information may be shifted to our new parent site, Alabama Gun Rights, which is currently under construction.

Please continue to check our forum and Facebook page for the most up-to-date info. Thanks!

Special Thanks To Mike's Gun Shop For Support Of Our Statewide Meetup!

Mikes Gun Shop

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Alabama Open Carry Pioneers

11-20-2010 Wiregrass Meetup

While it's clear from numerous cases, rulings, and Attorney Generals of the legality of Open Carry in Alabama, changes are needed.

Clear, updated, precise legislation changes are needed to clear the fog and remove any doubts.

This list is a collection of changes that need to be made in order to ensure we continue to have the ability to excercise our open carry rights:

1) In clear language. Any person MAY peaceably openly carry a firearm loaded or unloaded, while on foot, or in public, or in a vehicle.

2) Repeal the prohibition of carry near or participating in a demonstration (Violates the 2nd and 1st Amendments of the US constitution.)

3) Make Alabama a Shall issue State instead of a May issue State.

4) No permit needed to openly or concealed carry while in a vehicle, my vehicle is an extension of my home.

5) Ability to open carry and concealed carry without fear of arbitrary harassment.

6) Change/Adjust Disorderly Conduct law to read that a person cannot be charged with disorderly conduct for merely open carrying and peaceably open carrying does NOT cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm. Basically, disorderly conduct can't be used as a "catch all".

7) No local government, sheriff etc. can decide differently on state laws - no discretionary requirements.

8) Remove this, and any such wording on concealed carry permits: "This pistol permit does not permit you to carry a gun openly."

9) Law Enforcement Officers and Dispatchers should be trained on open carry calls that come in. Before even dispatching officers they should ask questions and determine if further response is needed. Peaceably openly carrying should not justify sending officers.

10) Peaceably openly carrying does not permit illegal search & seizure. Nor does it grant the right to revoke a concealed carry permit.

11) Alabama should recognize ALL other States concealed carry permits.

12) Any person peaceably, legally openly carrying shall not be harassed, detained, incarcerated, refused service or otherwise have their rights violated for merely openly carrying.

13) Remove 13a-11-52 from the code.

14) Law enforcement may NOT confiscate or run serial number checks for peaceably open carrying. Nor can they demand a Social Security Number.
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